ENTRY TICKETS at the event may be purchased only with CASH.

FOOD, DRINK, GAMES/RIDES vendors are not authorized to take cash or credit/debit cards for their products/services at the event. Food, Drink, and Games/Rides may be purchased ONLY with Food/Drink/Ride tickets or wristbands that can be obtained at one of the six Food/Drink/Ride ticket booths (#s 10, 66, 81, 97, 118, 146) ONLY for CASH. The Food/Drink/Ride tickets are in $1 denomination. The $25 wristbands are for unlimited rides/activities on the football field.

There will be five ATM MACHINES located around the event area in the vicinity of booths #3, 4, 6, 10, & 68 where you may use credit/debit cards to obtain CASH.

SEE MAP FOR NUMBERED BOOTH LOCATIONS    This map will be updated for the 2022 event in late March 2022