FIRST AID STATION will be located inside the North Gate. Please go there should you need any minor medical assistance at the event. If there is an EMERGENCY, contact the nearest uniformed Police Officer (you will find them throughout the event area). They can call for assistance and will assist with the medical response. This year, our on site First Aid Services will be provided by the professional medical staff from Texas Medical Clinic.

In the event of an EMERGENCY WEATHER SITUATION, the University will make announcements over the campus loud speaker system. The instructions given along with those given by the Police are designed to keep you safe during your visit to our event.  Alamo Heights Night will not close because of rain unless it presents a safety hazard With your safety always foremost on our minds, we will keep you informed during the event of any changing conditions.

SECURITY. Everyone’s security and safety is important. Everyone will go through security screening at entry to the event and all cleared bags will be marked by attaching a colored band. Prohibited items may be found at the following link: SECURITY SCREENING