If you would like to have a rewarding experience as well as enjoyment attending Alamo Heights Night, please plan on volunteering for one of the many opportunities available to assist in the operation of the event. If you have an up to date TABC license, you may wish to consider volunteering to work in one of our  Beer, Wine, or Margarita Booths. If you sign up for any of the many opportunities, you will also get free entry to the event.

On Line sign up opportunities will be available  beginning in September-October 2017 at a link to be added here at that time:

We appreciate very much the over 600  individuals and organization groups who volunteer every year to make Alamo Heights Night successful. If you would like to assist before, during, or after the event for a few hours or all day, please do so at the following link (to be added infall 2017) or contact Ed Dupont at 210-413-8965 or edupont@frostbank.com.

Volunteer Check in at the event will be at Booth #1 at the top of the bridge. Wristband identification will be issued to all volunteers.